Philosophy and Expertise

Investment approach

Our approach emphasizes long-term growth with the objective of minimizing risk and is designed to weather market shifts. We offer:

  • Investment experts who guide the strategies behind Automated Investor
  • Personalized portfolio recommendations designed to suit your investment objectives and risk tolerance level
  • Unbiased guidance to help your investment objectives become reality

Automated Investor

Are you new to online investing or do you prefer to have guidance from experienced investment professionals? Tell us your goals, and we’ll invest your money for you.

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Key principles behind Automated Investor


A fundamental principle that helps to minimize risk by investing in a wide range of asset classes. We follow a "buy and rebalance" strategy using low-fee ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) leveraging both domestic and international opportunities.1

Tax awareness

We incorporate the tax consequences of investment decisions where appropriate. This includes allocating your holdings in a tax-efficient way (e.g. buying bonds in tax-sheltered accounts), avoiding unnecessary capital gains taxes and applying tax-loss harvesting when appropriate.2

Risk management

Whether you’re saving for retirement, a home, or other major purchase, we help reduce your risk of loss when you get closer to needing the money. To do this we use a "glide path" methodology. As you approach your target withdrawal date, we start adjusting your percentage of investments in favor of securities that historically have maintained a stable value, and reducing your percentage of riskier investments whose value tends to go up and down with less certainty.

Personalized target portfolio

We use smart technology that does the day-to-day work of keeping your asset allocation in line with your target goal. The result is a portfolio customized to your goals and your individual investment risk tolerance.


Who we are

U.S. Bancorp Investments provides wealth planning, investment, insurance and other services to clients. We’ll help you invest with confidence with our digital investing platform that combines the experience of investment professionals with the power of smart technology.

Our investment experts guide and support Automated Investor’s investment philosophy. These experts have hand-picked investments from thousands of choices to design portfolios personalized to your goals.

A company you can trust

U.S. Bancorp, the parent company of U.S. Bancorp Investments, has a long history of wealth management, investment, and financial industry experience. Automated Investor employs all of U.S. Bancorp Investments’ expertise in portfolio allocation, rebalancing, investing of idle cash, and tax-efficient strategies personalized to help each customer reach their goals all in an affordable, easy-to-use and trusted package.

Expert insights

Watch videos from Eric Freedman, Chief Investment Officer, U.S. Bank Wealth Management.

Automated Investing

Diversified Portfolios

Risk Tolerance

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