A guide to estate planning

There are some conversations that are hard to have. But talking through some important details and making a plan today can help make a difficult time a little easier in the future.

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Published: July 24, 2019

Some conversations leave us with more questions than answers: Who’s going to take care of my finances when I can’t? Who will make decisions about my well-being? How will I create an end-of-life plan that meets my needs?


Complete this online course to learn strategies for tackling questions like these, including how to create a plan.


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Guide to estate planning:  Having the conversation


There are certain topics that nobody wants to talk about. But just because you don't want to doesn't mean you shouldn't. Having the tough conversations can help to answer some of life's toughest questions like, who's going to take care of my finances if I can't? Who's going to make decisions about my health and well-being? Or how do I create an end of life plan that meets my needs and is understandable for my loved ones?


In this lesson, we'll give you strategies for tackling questions like these and more. We'll teach you the basics of an estate plan and show you how your bank can help you facilitate some of these important choices. Learn more by taking this lesson. 

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For more tips on estate planning, here’s a checklist with what you’ll need to get started.