Online banking helps you get organized

Learn the ins and outs of how to wield this effective tool for managing your bills and accounts.

Published: May 23, 2018

Online banking does a lot more than make it easy to pay bills. It also can help you get and stay organized with several simple features.

Stay organized and pay on time with online banking alerts

Alert yourself

Alerts can help you stay organized and remember what’s due and when.

You can set up alerts with your online bill pay service for different payees and get emails or texts that notify you of whatever you’ve chosen. For example, you might set up an alert to notify you when a payment is due, when you’ve made a payment or for other dates or events.

Credit card alerts tell you when your credit card payment is due (or overdue), or when automatic payments are scheduled or have been processed.

Account alerts allow you to track funds and move money to pay bills at the right time. For example, you can set up an alert with your checking account that tells you if your balance falls below an amount you specify. Then you’ll know to transfer money before you make a bill payment.

Set up automatic payments

Pay automatically

With a bill pay service, you can automate some payments so you never forget to make one. You can set up recurring payments for the payees you choose and select amount options. You can set up a payment for the same amount on the same day every month, which might be a good choice for your mortgage or rent payment. Or you can specify that the payment should always be for the current balance. You can even set it to pay the minimum amount for the current bill.

Sign up for e-bills if it helps you pay on time.

Get e-bills

If you’re more likely to remember bills that come electronically — or if you just want to save paper — you can set up e-bills through your online bill pay service. E-bills come to your online account so you can view them on your computer or phone. They link to your bill pay, making them convenient to pay and easy to track.

Check online statements and your transaction history anytime

Check online statements, transaction history

If you want to get even more organized and keep track of spending, now or in the past, the information you need is online. You can check your balance anytime, or you can view, save, download or print your monthly statements and transaction history.

Ready to take the next step toward getting more organized? Find out more about how to get started with online banking.

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