FAQS: Banking at U.S. Bank during COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Businesses have changed the way they serve their customers in response to COVID-19, and banking is no different. We answered your commonly asked-questions about U.S. Bank’s adjustments here.

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Published: September 07, 2021

In response to COVID-19, businesses are changing the way they serve customers daily. From curbside service to contactless pick-ups, accomplishing the simplest of errands feels very different during this time. Banking is no different, and in an effort to protect both customers and employees, U.S. Bank has made necessary changes to its normal day-to-day operations. We asked Alonzo Hamilton, a client relationship consultant at U.S. Bank, questions about how U.S. Bank branches have adjusted to COVID-19 so you know the easiest and safest ways to bank.

Q: I’m not comfortable coming inside the bank. What’s my best course of action?

A: You may be surprised by how many options you have at your fingertips via the mobile app. “If you’re concerned about coming inside the bank, utilize that online banking app,” Alonzo says. There are a few things you may need to come inside for, such as buyer’s transfers, notary services and action on CDs. “Most other things you can do completely from the comfort of your home,” says Alonzo, “We’ve upped mobile deposit limits for customer’s checks, and upped the limit for small businesses so people can do their banking conveniently.”

Q: I want to use the mobile app or online banking, but I’m not sure how to. Can someone help?

A: Yes. U.S. Bank has a video banking option so customers can virtually meet with their banker, and they can help with any mobile and online banking questions you may have. Cobrowse, a feature not all banks offer, allows customers to share their screen with their banker so they can view and navigate online and mobile banking together. This allows for a U.S. Bank representative on the phone to “cobrowse with you and navigate those online resources. If there’s something you may have missed, let us know, and we can point it out for you. You may realize that it’s something you may not have needed to leave the house for,” Alonzo says. To find the cobrowse application on the mobile app, go to the question mark in the top right corner and select “cobrowse”. To find the cobrowse application on your web browser, head to the bottom right corner and select “cobrowse.”

Q: I don’t want to make an appointment, but I feel more comfortable banking in-person. Is there an option for me?

A: In-store branches (such as those in the grocery store) are in most cases still open. “Of course, the less trips [out of your home] you have to take the better, but you can still do your banking at our in-store branches if you’re willing to go inside,” says Alonzo. However, it’s recommended that you call the in-store branch ahead to make sure hours are up-to-date with the ever-evolving situation. We also recommend following CDC guidelines when you leave the house to protect yourself and others.


Q: I need something notarized. Am I able to come into the bank for a notary signature?

A: U.S. Bank is taking in-branch appointments for notarized documents. If you don’t feel comfortable coming inside the bank, “You may be able to go through the commercial drive-up lane, an option we’re offering at many branches right now,” says Alonzo.

Q: Am I able to access my safe deposit box?

A: “Yes, absolutely,” says Alonzo, “We are still taking appointments, and that’s something you should call your branch in advance for, but we’re definitely still doing that for our clients.” Keep in mind that while many U.S. Bank branch lobbies are closed, you may be able to make an appointment if you need to come inside to conduct business in person. Alonzo recommends calling the day before to make an appointment as branch hours are changing fluidly with the situation.


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