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Reach homeownership goals

Becoming a homeowner doesn’t happen overnight. But with careful planning, long-term budgeting and support from banking professionals, breaking the rental cycle is possible. Use this guide to get started.


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Discover DIY home projects

Getting creative with DIY renovation projects can transform the look and feel of your home while adding value. Learn how to upgrade your space with beginner-friendly tips from U.S. Bank marketing specialist Maddie Martini.


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Creating a customized space

Building your dream home? Learn more an get inspired on how you can tailor different aspects to fit your needs and style. A home office, backyard pool, or even a decked out shed are just a few unique features you can add to your dream home.
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Expand your home

Whether you have a growing family or simply need to sprawl out, adding on to an existing space can make it feel more livable. Here are some ideas from families who recently completed home renovations that made a big impact.

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Finance your home addition

You’ve already got your renovation goal in mind – now it’s time to make a financial plan. Learn about your options and find a payment method that fits your needs here.  

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Put cash back in your pocket

If you’re planning to sell your home or will one day down the road, making simple improvements to key areas can add value. Find out where to focus your efforts and how to save money in the process here.  

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Add home curb appeal

Keep your home’s exterior functional and modern with strategic upgrades and regular maintenance. Find out how a few easy projects can help you maintain a beautiful looking home while adding value here.  

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Have additional questions about home ownership? We’re here to support you. Find educational resources to help you choose, finance and care for your home here