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Talkshop: Living a mission while building a brand

(DESCRIPTION) Faatemah brushes a blonde woman's hair. Amy colors a woman’s hair.

(SPEECH) The Suitespot is a two-chair salon. I like to say there are two of us, two chairs, two girls with one vision. We are business partners.

(DESCRIPTION) Text, Faatemah and Amy Jo's SuiteSpot.

(SPEECH) I met Faatemah at my first salon. I was asked to go on the road with her, to be her second hand. And then now to be at a point where my mentor is now my business partner is mind blowing to me.


(DESCRIPTION) Old images of Faatemah and Amy are shown. Fashion images of hairstyles. Salon cape reads, hashtag talk shop.

(SPEECH) The Suitespot literally is wherever Amy Jo and I are. We do photo shoots all over the world. And we do a lot of fun things together. Mm, I'm that girl.

(DESCRIPTION) Faatemah styles a blonde woman's hair.


I would say to any small business owner, do what you do because you feel passionate about that thing. People feel it. They know that it's genuine. They know it's authentic. And they want to support it.

Every person that comes in this space is VIP for us. We treat her like she is a celebrity.

Cute. Oh, my god, you're so cute.

(DESCRIPTION) Faatemah styles a blonde woman's hair. A hairbrush lays on the styling table. A decorative plan sits in the salon.

(SPEECH) My mission is to empower and elevate women. Even though we make up a large part of the beauty industry, we don't make a large part of the leadership roles. And so we're doing

collaborations with other women in business to do women's empowerment events, to see more of us on stage, see more of us in the boardroom. I am Pro Her.

The ultimate goal is just to give women every the opportunity to be their greatest self. We love to give back, and we love being in business for ourselves. The success has come because of that.

(DESCRIPTION) Faatemah and Amy style clients hair. Amy and Faatemah embrace and smile to the camera. Text and logo, US Bank, the power of possible.

Talkshop: Living a mission while building a brand

Two salon owners incorporate their core mission into all aspects of their business.

Faatemah and Amy of SuiteSpot salon talk about how they live their mission to empower and elevate women by collaborating with other women in business to do women’s empowerment events. They love being in business and giving back, and their success grows out of that.


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