Ease your transition to remote banking

Use these strategies to respond to the impact of COVID-19 and the transition of your company’s payment operations to a remote working environment

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Published: March 27, 2020

U.S. Bank is here to help simplify your financial life in this challenging time. The impact of COVID-19 has brought challenges that require immediate action to maintain your operations. As your financial partner, we’re ready to respond to your business continuity concerns, as you transition to a more remote environment. Here are solutions you can implement as you and your employees adapt to changing conditions.

Access your accounts online

You can access your business accounts remotely via our online business banking portal, SinglePoint®.

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Access your accounts on your mobile device

Mobile SinglePoint® provides easy access to time-critical functions for SinglePoint® or SinglePoint® Essentials services via your mobile device. Manage your daily treasury management activities directly from your mobile device as a contingency solution to approve users and transactions, and view and manage balances. In addition to the free app, you can also access SinglePoint via the browser on your mobile device.

Initiate check printing online

With less on-site resources to print checks, SinglePoint Check Payables enables you to outsource the check payables process by initiating checks online. Your employees simply use a check entry page in SinglePoint or upload a file containing check information from your accounts payables system.

Deposit checks from your mobile device

Quickly process and receive checks on your smart phone. Manage operations from your mobile device with On-Site Electronic Deposit Mobile, scanning items as they’re received for same day ledger credit.

Take advantage of higher Same Day ACH limits and Real-Time Payments (RTP®)

Send Same Day ACH and RTP payments for up to $100,000, making this an option for a wider range of payments with immediate effect.


Migrate vendors to electronic payment options

With this rapid shift to a remote operational environment, you have less on-site resources at your disposal. You and your vendors benefit from increased efficiencies if you migrate to electronic payments, such as RTP, ACH and wire transfers, freeing up employees’ time.


Optimize electronic payment options

In the current climate you may need faster payment option. Switch to electronic solutions like RTP, ACH, wire transfer and Disbursements via Zelle® for electronic alternatives, all of which can be initiated using SinglePoint or file transmission.

Become better partners to your vendors and customers

Quick access to cash is of utmost importance during these challenging times. Use options like RTP to provide your business partners and customers much needed access to liquidity while delivering a superlative experience for them.

Simplify your A/R management

Leverage VantagePoint™ to streamline your Accounts Receivables by automating A/R processes to quickly resolve exceptions and improve cash application.

Efficiently manage documents with DocXchange

Receive, sign and submit product setup documentation electronically using the DocXchange feature available via SinglePoint.

Ready and available to help

We’re here to help you act. Please contact your relationship manager or treasury management sales consultant to discuss critical measures to maintain your operations and streamline your payments during this unprecedented time.


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Visit our COVID-19 site for updates, insights and resources you need to navigate the changing environment.



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