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About U.S. Bank Business Check Cards

The U.S. Bank Business Check Card gives you the power and control to handle all your banking and cash-management transactions with safety, wherever and whenever it's convenient for you. Plus earn rewards1  to fit your business needs. Earn rewards you want simply for making signature purchases (non-PIN) with your check card. The funds are always deducted directly from your checking account, so tracking is easy. The programs are especially flexible...see for yourself!

Earn Rewards

  • Earn rewards for all signature purchases (non-PIN) you make with your U.S. Bank Business Check Card.

Track Expenses and Deductions

  • Access more detail on your monthly statement through U.S. Bank Internet Banking.
  • Access to Visa Information Source Select (VISS), a free online reporting tool that offers you detailed spending reports that can be emailed to you or the person of your choice, like your bookkeeper or accountant.
  • Receive Account Alerts, via email or text message, when important account activity occurs.

Save Money

  • Save money on check reorders, postage and more, when you use your check card instead of writing checks.
  • Set up recurring payments (like your phone bill) automatically charged to your check card.

Learn more about paying bills with your business check card.

Feel Secure

  • Protect all your transactions with the U.S. Bank Visa Zero Liability Policy.2 

Simplify Purchasing

  • Use your card at thousands of places where checks are not accepted, including Internet and mail order suppliers.
  • Save time and paperwork by completing your purchase on the spot.

Give Cards to Employees

  • Assign additional cards to your employees at no charge.
  • Set the spending limits yourself, and check transactions on your monthly statement.
    • U.S. Bank Business Deposit Check Card

      For designated employees, this card allows purchases anywhere that Visa is accepted, as well as ATM3  deposits. It does not, however, allow your employees to make withdrawals, transfers or inquiries.
  1. U.S. Bank offers reward programs for check cards that can be added to any U.S. Bank business checking account. Only signature purchases qualify for rewards. Cash advances, ATM transactions and purchases made with a PIN do not qualify. Rewards accumulated through the Deposit Check Card will roll up under the primary Business Check Card. Other employee cards are not eligible. All reward programs subject to change without prior notification. Earned rewards may be lost if customers choose to switch check card reward programs.
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  2. U.S. issued cards only. Report a lost or stolen card right away. Upon claim verification, your account will be credited for lost funds by the next business day. The U.S. Bank Zero Liability Policy does not apply to ATM transactions, or to PIN transactions not processed by Visa. See the "Your Deposit Account Agreement" brochure for details.
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  3. Not all ATMs accept deposits and payments. Transaction fees may apply when used at non U.S. Bank ATMs.
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