Consumer + Small Business Banking

Make Life Happen

That spark. We see it every day. It flashes in a child's eyes when he hands us a piggy bank full of change and we help him open his first savings account. It lights up the face of an entrepreneur when we give her the green light to convert an old warehouse space into the restaurant she's always dreamed of opening. And it shines in the smile of a newlywed couple when we tell them they're approved to buy their first home.

That spark is possibility transforming into reality for the individuals, families and small business customers who choose U.S. Bank. They come to us with goals of all shapes and sizes, and we never tire of helping them bring those goals to life. We bring the best and brightest minds together to listen, ask the right questions and make thoughtful suggestions. All with the purpose of making their possible happen.

Who We Are for Consumers and Small Businesses

We know that to give our customers the right balance of advice and support, we need to understand what drives them. By learning about their "why," we can deliver a better "how."

For our consumer banking customers, one part of that is helping them find financial stability. We conducted a study among students to learn how prepared they are to successfully manage their personal finances when they step out on their own. We used the results to launch tools that show young adults how to successfully manage their money and build a solid financial foundation.

For our small business owners, we focus on helping them transform their dreams and ideas into practical and prudent plans. Our annual small business confidence survey helps us learn how small business owners feel about the futures of their businesses. With that knowledge, we help them stay a step ahead, offering guidance about what concerns them and ideas to capture that next big opportunity.

Whatever stage of life a customer is in—whatever their possible is—being a good partner is about asking and listening. When we get to know our customers, we're better at inspiring them with knowledge and helping them clear the path to financial stability and growth.


We make it easy for customers to take control of their finances by being available when and where they need us. Through all the traditional means, plus new and emerging technologies, we make it easy for customers to take control of their finances. Whether it's in a branch, at an ATM, over the phone with our 24-hour service centers or online through social media, our mobile app or at, we work hard to make sure every customer feels welcomed, understood, rewarded and secure in every interaction.

Our Branches

No matter how technology changes business operations, we will always believe in the value of face-to-face interactions. U.S. Bank operates 3,133 banking offices in 25 states, with more than 35,000 friendly faces and voices, ready to welcome customers and help them reach their possible.

As our signature banking model, customers can stop in for full service at U.S. Bank branch locations found in large metropolitan areas or in small rural towns as stand-alone offices or within grocery stores, hospitals, corporate campuses, universities and even iconic spots, such as Churchill Downs.

Consumer Rewards

We know that every dollar is a hard-earned dollar, so we offer a variety of rewards opportunities and savings options to thank our customers for banking with us. Our START Smart savings program provides an incentive to save by rewarding customers for reaching incremental savings milestones.

Small Business

No two small businesses are alike, but each needs relevant and timely financial products and support to thrive. U.S. Bank is one of the leading small business lenders in the United States, consistently ranking among the top banks nationally for Small Business Administration (SBA) lending. And each of our small business bankers has an entrepreneur's heart and looks at the world through the customer's eyes.

Beyond loans and checking accounts, we provide networking opportunities for small business owners to exchange ideas and learn from each other at U.S. Bank Connect ( This online tool provides a gateway to information-sharing for our small business community, with stories and tips about starting, running and growing a business. And because technology and mobile capabilities are increasingly central to successful business strategies, we offer award-winning mobile banking solutions and online tools for small business owners to access accounts, accept and make payments, organize and manage business operations, get account text alerts and more.

A Strong Reputation

We believe in putting people first, and our dedication to making ethical decisions and doing the right thing is at the heart of what we do. In fact, U.S. Bank was named as one of the "2015 World's Most Ethical Companies" by an independent organization, Ethisphere Institute.

We work hard to meet the banking needs of the individuals, families and businesses who choose to bank with us by offering competitive products and services, convenient access to their accounts and proven stability.

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