Employee Engagement

Our 74,000 employees are our greatest asset, and they inspire us every day with their commitment to community.

Our 74,000 employees are our greatest asset, and they inspire us every day with their commitment to community. In 2017, our employees donated 188,000 hours of volunteer time, which we have valued at $4.5 million to communities*.

We are proud to give back and encourage our employees to do good in their communities through our volunteer programs. The U.S. Bank Volunteer Day provides employees up to 16 hours of paid time off to volunteer, and our matching gifts and Dollars for Doing programs help employees maximize their community involvement and service.

The annual Employee Giving Campaign is one way we put people first and invest in our communities. Employees have the opportunity to donate to our national partner, the United Way, or a nonprofit of their choice to help create a wave of change in their communities. During this one-month campaign in September 2017, U.S. Bank and its employees donated nearly $14 million and volunteered more than 7,000 hours.

Employee Assistance Fund

What began a decade ago as a grassroots effort fueled by employee compassion has now grown into a life-changing, employee-funded program that helps fellow employees when they need it most to recover from an unanticipated crisis.

Last year, U.S. Bank employees donated 188,000 volunteer hours to their communities.

Since 2008, the U.S. Bank Employee Assistance Fund (EAF) has provided one-time grants of up to $10,000 to help employees facing unexpected or emergency financial challenges.

“The EAF is a classic example of us living out our core values,” said Global Chief Ethics Officer Katie Lawler, who helped create the program. “Putting people first is a special part of our culture and evident in the history of the program. Employees genuinely care about the wellbeing of their colleagues and we wanted to create a way for employees to do just that.”

EAF grant recipient Tara Johnson, paralegal for U.S. Bank in Jacksonville, Florida, shares her story:

Just keep swimming … just keep swimming … it’s funny how a line from a children’s movie can have such an impact. For me, it’s a mantra I say almost daily.

to Employee Assistance Fund over 10 years

On Feb. 21, 2017, I received a call from my girls’ godmother: “Get home quickly! Your house is on fire!” I was attending a celebration at my church when the call came in, and it took several moments to process the news. Just keep swimming, I began repeating to stay calm and focused.

I had to park outside my neighborhood as flashing lights whizzed by from fire trucks and ambulances. I ran toward my home and found my mother, who just happened to be staying with me, and my dog safe with a neighbor. My girls were thankfully at their dad’s house.

The next morning, the fire marshal allowed me back into my home. With the help of my church, we grabbed all of the stuffed animals, clothing and furniture that could be salvaged and placed the remains in a storage unit. Shortly after we finished moving, the ceiling caved in, and the walls collapsed. Just keep swimming

A few days later, I applied for the Employee Assistance Fund and was immediately contacted by a representative who helped me find and move in to a rental house, pay for the storage unit, cleaning and restoration of our salvaged belongings, as well as new furniture. I am still dealing with the aftermath, but I am incredibly grateful to U.S. Bank and all the employees who have donated to the EAF to support me and my girls while we just keep swimming!”

U.S. Bank Volunteer Day provides employees up to 16 hours of paid time off to volunteer.

U.S. Bank supports American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund

U.S. Bank employees and customers have proven that when disaster strikes, they are ready and willing to respond. Contributions include national and local U.S. Bank Foundation grants, employee charitable and volunteer matching gifts, sponsorships and customer donations via U.S. Bank ATMs. In 2017, these combined contributions totaled more than $650,000.

In addition, the U.S. Bank Prepaid Card Division, in partnership with CPI Card Group, launched a full-scale, prepaid card disaster relief program, which offers Client Assistance Cards for those affected by natural disasters and Mission Cards for volunteers and employees who help with recovery efforts on-site.

From August to October last year, the American Red Cross provided more than 22,000 Client Assistance Cards for families and individuals affected by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose, Maria and Nate, and the California wildfires. During this period, the American Red Cross also issued thousands of Mission Cards for volunteers and employees. Funds distributed through the cards totaled nearly $18 million. U.S. Bank employees also volunteered 1,200 hours to help impacted communities across the United States in 2017.

Year round, U.S. Bank works closely with the American Red Cross to provide opportunities for employees to donate blood and volunteer time to the charity.

donated to the
American Red Cross