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We believe children and families are more likely to thrive and succeed in a home that is safe and permanent, located in a community that is thriving.

The case for a stable, healthy home environment is clear: children and families are more likely to thrive and succeed in a home that is safe and permanent, located in a community that is thriving.

Homeownership has long been at the core of many people’s financial goals. It represents stability, community and confidence. Studies have shown that children and families are better positioned to thrive and succeed in a home that is safe and permanent. Last year, we provided more than $1 billion in community development loans and $3.6 billion in U.S. Bancorp Community Development Corporation (USBCDC) investments that combined to create more than 3,800 new affordable housing units. We also provided almost $48 million in American Dream mortgage loans, helping to revitalize communities across the U.S. Bank footprint. The American Dream program serves low- to moderate-income (LMI) borrowers, allowing for low down payments and offers, and rehabilitation loan options. We also donated nearly $6 million to organizations connecting individuals and families with sustainable housing opportunities.

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Affordable housing opens doors to opportunities

Plaza Roberto Maestas is a 110-unit affordable housing project developed by nonprofit El Centro de la Raza in Seattle with U.S. Bank providing more than $20 million in tax credit investments, $27 million in construction loans and philanthropic grants.

This housing development is aimed at helping those who are most in need of safe, affordable and sustainable housing. This included Angélica María González, who was homeless for so many years she couldn’t remember ever not spending a night on the streets of Seattle. However, with the help of El Centro de la Raza’s Plaza Roberto Maestas, she now can raise her children in a safe environment while pursuing a law degree. She recalls, “Getting the keys to my apartment was like a dream.”

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U.S. Bank went further and invested $50,000 to help El Centro de la Raza renovate a commercial kitchen and launch an entrepreneurship program. The program trained eight Latino entrepreneurs on how to start and operate a food cart program, rented carts to them at a reduced rate and enabled them to use the commercial kitchen to prepare food. The program spawned the city’s first food cart plaza and a new business for Fernando Reynoso, who got the keys to his food cart after working as a waiter for 20 years.

“I am so grateful that I have been given the chance to start my own business,” said Reynoso. “My long-term goal is to open a small restaurant where people can sit and enjoy my food.

Home is much more than four walls. It is the surrounding community which makes a family feel safe and provides access to work, fresh food and places to play. Through the power of One U.S. Bank, the company will continue to invest in projects like Plaza Roberto Maestas, which focuses not just on the home, but also on a comprehensive approach to community revitalization.

U.S. Bank provided investments, loans and grants to El Centro de la Raza in support of Plaza Roberto Maestas, an affordable housing project in Seattle.