Celebrating what makes you, you

At U.S. Bank, we know our customers’ needs are as unique as their fingerprints. We stand apart because we’re committed to serving our customers in relevant, meaningful ways.

“Our branch employees are the face of U.S. Bank to the vast majority of our customers. The current trend away from transactional branch banking and toward building relationships requires trust. An essential prerequisite to trust is cultural competency and respect.”

-Tim Welsh, Vice Chairman, Community and Business Banking

“By recognizing and honoring the culturally relevant holidays and occasions of our customers, we demonstrate our commitment to our diverse team members, customers and the communities that we serve.”

- Della K. Ng, VP, Multicultural Marketing

"We put our customer front and center to provide a unified, relevant experience that’s aligned with customers’ needs and languages – no matter how they choose to interact with us – at the branch, over the phone, online, on our app.”

- Edo Sayan, VP, Multicultural Strategy, Customer Experience Office

Our stories

Together we pride

Our LGBT debit card was designed for the community, by the community.


From "ni hao" to know-how

Mandarin-speaking U.S. Banker Jeresa Hren helps Chinese students transition to life in rural Oregon.


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