What form is used to document a mailing address?
  • ONLY the physical address should be listed on the contract; if the mailing address is different (PO Box, etc.) – Customer should complete the Address Information form to communicate mailing address request
  • Physical address must be the address of the home residence
  • LEASE: As agreed to in the lease contract, lessee will be taxed based upon the physical address (Contact Sara to update RouteOne and DT to remove reference to Lease)
  • Address Information Form (Also found in Forms Section of Dealertrack and RouteOne)

What information is required to calculate the residual of a CPO lease?
  • Residual Guide – U.S. Bank CPO Residual Value Guide found on Dealertrack and/or RouteOne
  • Mileage Chart – U.S. Bank CPO Residual Value Guide found on Dealertrack and/or RouteOne
  • Like Invoice – Supplied by dealer

Other Information

  • When submitting an application for a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) lease vehicle, dealer should use the "Program" drop down box within DealerTrack and RouteOne to indicate the application is a "CPO Lease"
  • For specific vehicle eligibility requirements and other information see the "U.S. Bank CPO Residual Value Guide" on Dealertrack and RouteOne
  • Other information see the "U.S. Bank CPO Residual Value Guide" on Dealertrack and RouteOne

Forms Available on Dealertrack and RouteOne
  • In addition to U.S Bank Rate Sheets and Specials Dealertrack has U.S. Bank Dealer Services specific information and forms including:
  • Document Title Description
    Acceptable Contracts - Auto Current acceptable Loan contracts by state
    Acceptable Contracts - Lease Current acceptable Lease contracts by state
    Customer Address Information Customer mailing vs Customer physical address. Provide the address where the vehicle will be stored/garaged as well as a bill to address
    Authorization of Automatic Payment Withdrawal To set up Customer automatic withdrawal of payments
    Buy Down Worksheet Required for dealer buy downs. Authorization to buy down a deal when written lower than approved rate
    CIP - Customer Identification Program USA Patriot Act requirements
    Lien Release Request Form Required for all lien releases.
    Collateral Substitution Pack - Lease Buyback or lemon law collateral switches – Lease: $225 fee
    Collateral Substitution Pack - Loan Buyback or lemon law collateral switches – Loan: $225 fee
    Dealer Lease Calculation Worksheet Copy of Lease worksheet
    Fax Funding Cover Letter Cover letter to utilize for fax funding
    Funding Checklist - Auto Lease Lease funding checklist of required documents
    Funding Checklist - Auto Loan Loan funding checklist of required documents
    Insurance Verification Form Agreement to Provide Insurance - any ATPI is accepted by U.S. Bank
    Itemization Gross Cap Cost Lease requirement only when stipulated or requested by customer
    Lease Optional Products Addendum Lease requirement to itemize listed Back End Products
    Lease Return - End of Term - Grounding Portal 08.07.17 On-Line Grounding Portal Link Announcement
    Lease Return - Users Guide On-Line Grounding Portal 21 Page Instruction Guide
    Loan and Lease Address Reference Dealer Instructions for U.S .Bank Contracts, Titling, Payoffs, etc.
    P.O. Box Authorization Form Customer mailing vs Customer physical address
    Payoff Quote - Automated System Navigation instructions of automated phone prompts for payoffs
    Personal Use Affidavit Requirement for business Loans and Leases
    Post Funding Request Form Used to Flat Cancel, Re-contract or Modify funded contract: No fee to recontract/modify. $225 fee for Flat Cancel
    Corporate Resolutions Required for business Loans and Leases
    Supply Order Form - XXX Region Used to order Lease Contracts, Worksheets and Addendums
    Used Vehicle Lease-Notice of Obligation for Excess Wear and Use Customer form required on all Used Leases
    VIN Correction Form Used to correct a VIN on a funded contract: No Fee

What documents are required for Funding?

What do I do if there is a funding delay?
  • Funding delay messages are available in Dealertrack and RouteOne and faxed to the number on your U.S. Bank dealer record. If you need additional information regarding the funding delay, please contact the U.S. Bank Dealer Help Desk at 800-374-4235.

To where should funding corrections be faxed?
  • Funding delay messages in DealerTrack and RouteOne include the appropriate fax number (866-616-1709) to send corrections to U.S. Bank. Please utilize the faxed copy of the Funding Correction Request as the coversheet or write the application number clearly on the submitted documentation.

Where funding packages should be mailed?
Funding Addresses FedEx only
US Bank
Suite 2063
4054 Willow Lake Blvd
Memphis, TN 38153
US Mail and all other couriers
US Bank
Suite 2063
3268 Progress Way
Wilmington, OH 45177-7700

Where should funding packages be faxed?

Retail eContracting
  • DealerTrack - All states except OH, WV, & CA
  • RouteOne – Contact your Regional Account Manager to see if your state is participating

What is the titling address for Loans/Leases?
Titling Addresses
Retail Lein Holder
U.S. Bank N.A.
P.O. Box 3427
Oshkosh, WI 54903
Lease (Paper titles only)
USB Leasing LT
1850 Osborn Ave.
Oshkosh, WI 54902

Where do I send warranty/credit life cancellations to?
  • Once the warranty / credit life cancellation is completed at the dealership, send the funds to the U.S. Bank address below for processing. Include the customer’s last name, effective date and complete VIN on the documentation for proper identification
  • U.S. Bank
    Insurance Servicing
    PO Box 2928
    Oshkosh, WI 54902

Where does the customer send a payment?
  • Customers must include account number with the payment and send it to:
  • U.S. Bank N.A.
    Attn: Payments
    1850 Osborn Avenue
    Oshkosh, WI 54902

Who should the customer contact if they do not receive a statement?
  • 800-872-2657
  • Note: Statements are sent approximately 20 days prior to payment due date.

How long after a deal is booked will it take before the funds appear in my account?
  • On average it will take approximately 48 hours for funds to appear in your account. This can fluctuate dependent upon your financial institution
  • Deposits to U.S. Bank accounts are same day

When will I be credited for an adjustment to my reserve?
  • Adjustments to reserve amounts will be reflected on the next month end statement. For auto dealers, the adjustment will be offset financially by the other activities on the statement. For recreation finance dealers, the funds are debited or credited on the day of the adjustment (up-front reserve).

What is the reserve calculation for 75/25 split?
  • Please refer to your Reserve Addendum
  • A. Dealer Reserve definition. “Dealer Reserve” is calculated as the product of the following formula: [(a - b) ÷ a)] × c × 0.75, where:

    a = the contract rate paid by the Buyer in the Retail Contract (prepaid finance charge states should utilize Simple Interest)
    b = U.S. Bank’s buy rate as set forth in the rate sheets provided by U.S. Bank to Dealer from time to time
    c = the finance charge calculated at the contract rate paid by the Buyer in the Retail Contract (prepaid finance charge states should calculate finances charges using the Simple Interest rate)

What is AutoGravity and how does this work?
  • AutoGravity is a tool that offers customers a streamlined way to receive an auto loan and purchase a vehicle from a dealership.
    • Customers may utilize the AutoGravity platform to find a lender and a dealer
    • Or
    • USBank.com customers may utilize the AutoGravity/U.S. Bank process to participate via a U.S. Bank approved Dealership
  • For either process, to assist a customer who comes into your Dealership with an AutoGravity or U.S. Bank approval, follow this simple process:
    • Request the customer’s deal reference number
    • Input the reference number into DealerTrack or RouteOne to access the deal
    • Finalize the terms of the deal
    • Utilize “Deal Update/Deal Refresh” for DealerTrack or “Copy” feature for RouteOne to provide the finalized terms to U.S. Bank
    • Deal is booked and funded
  • Any additional questions can be answered by your dedicated U.S. Bank Regional Area Manager (RAM)

Dealer Support
Get in touch with a dealer support representative:

Lease Program and Training
Currently, U.S. Bank is one of the largest bank lessors in the U.S. If your dealership would like to learn more about our lease program, or schedule lease training for your F&I and/or sales staff, please contact: 800-374-4235

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