Funding Tips and FAQs

What documents are required for funding?

What documents are required to calculate the residual on a used lease?
  1. Residual Guide – Please see your ALG Guide.
  2. Mileage Chart – Please see your ALG Guide.
  3. Lease Rate Sheet – Please refer to DealerTrack or RouteOne.
  4. Lease Rate Discount Sheet – Please refer to appropriate U.S. Bank Rate sheet.
  5. Like Invoice – Supplied by dealer.

Where should funding packages be mailed to?

Funding packages should be mailed as follows:

Fed Ex
U.S. Bank – e-Docs Program
Suite 2063
4054 Willow Lake Boulevard
Memphis, TN 38153

U.S. Mail and all Courier’s (Excluding FedEx)
U.S. Bank – e-Docs Program
Suite 2063
4070 Willow Lake Boulevard
Memphis, TN 38153

Where should funding packages be faxed to?


What is the lien holder address?

Retail Contracts
U.S. Bank N.A.
P. O Box 3427
OshKosh, WI 54903

Leasing Contracts
USB Leasing LT
1850 Osborn Avenue
OshKosh, WI 54902

Where does the customer send a payment? Note: Customer must include account number with the payment.

U.S. Bank N.A.
Attn Payments
1850 Osborn Avenue
OshKosh, WI 54902

Who should the customer contact if they do not receive a statement?


How do I determine why there is a funding delay as this information is not available on DealerTrack or RouteOne?

Problem summary faxes are sent via fax. If the fax has not been received or there are questions regarding the content of the fax, please contact Dealer Support Services at 800-374-4235.

Where do I send warranty/credit life cancellations to?

Please send warranty / credit life cancellations to the address below. Include the customer’s last name and VIN on the documentation for proper identification.

U.S. Bank
Attn: Compliance Support
1850 Osborn Ave
Oshkosh, WI 54902


Where should funding corrections be faxed to?

All problem summary faxes include the appropriate fax number 866-616-1709. Please utilize the problem summary fax as the coversheet and / or write the application number clearly on the documentation.

How long after a deal is booked will it take before the funds appear in my account?

On average it will take approximately 48 hours for funds to appear in your account. This can fluctuate dependent upon your financial institution.

When will I be credited for an adjustment to my reserve?

Adjustments to reserve amounts will be reflected on the next month end statement. For auto dealers, the adjustment will be offset financially by the other activities on the statement. For recreation finance dealers, the funds are debited or credited on the day of the adjustment (up-front reserve).

What is the reserve calculation for 75/25 split?

Please refer to your Reserve Addendum.

A. Dealer Reserve definition. “Dealer Reserve” is calculated as the product of the following formula: [(a - b) ÷ a)] × c × 0.75, where:
a = the contract rate paid by the Buyer in the Retail Contract.
b = U.S. Bank’s buy rate as set forth in the rate sheets provided by U.S. Bank to Dealer from time to time.
c = the finance charge calculated at the contract rate paid by the Buyer in the Retail Contract.

Dealer Support
Get in touch with a dealer support representative:

Lease Program and Training
Currently, U.S. Bank is one of the largest bank lessors in the U.S. If your dealership would like to learn more about our lease program, or schedule lease training for your F&I and/or sales staff, please contact: 800-374-4235

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