How do I edit or cancel an external account transfer in online banking?

To edit or cancel your pending transfers, follow these steps below.

Online Banking

  1. Select Transfers then Manage My Transfers.
  2. Select External Transfers.
  3. Select Activity, verify the date range encompasses the transfer date and choose All Transfers.
  4. Select the arrow icon to the left of the transaction you'd like to edit.
  5. Choose Edit/Cancel to change the individual transfer; or Edit/Cancel All Remaining Transfers to change all future transfers in a recurring series.

It's important to note, a scheduled transfer can be edited only if it is in a pending status. Once a transfer request is in process, it can't be changed.

  • Same-day transfers: Released for processing throughout the day. As a result, the time frame in which you can edit the transfer will vary.
  • One-time scheduled transfers: Can be cancelled any time before the send date. 
  • Individual recurring transfers: Any remaining transfers can be cancelled only when they're in a pending status.