How do I check the message I wrote for a past Zelle® transaction?

Whenever you'd like to review a message associated with a past Send Money with Zelle® transaction, just log in to online banking and follow these steps:

  1. Select Send money at the top of the page, then select Send money with Zelle.
  2. Choose Activity, located below Send Money, Request money, and Split the bill.
  3. Select Past to the left of the Scheduled tab.
  4. Select the transaction in question to view details. 
    • Use the Search for a transaction if the one you're looking for doesn't appear.
    • When you've selected the transaction, a pop-up will display and the message will appear at the bottom, below the confirmation number. If nothing appears, no message was entered during the transaction. 

The option to view your Zelle message is only available on the full website. This option is not available on mobile banking.