What kind of certificates of deposit (CDs) do you have to offer?

U.S. Bank offers three types of CDs for you to choose from:

Single Maturity CDs
Deposit an amount of money into a new account to stay there for a set length of time (term) that you choose from a range of options. Once it’s deposited, that amount will accrue interest at a rate set at the time the account is opened. 

Trade Up CDs
A Trade Up CD gives you the option to "trade up" to another interest rate once during the initial term of the CD. For example, if interest rates rise on CDs with terms equal to or less than yours, you can choose to raise the interest rate of your account. Just give us a call at 800-872-2657.

Step Up CDs
A Step Up CD will increase your interest rate automatically every seven months during the initial term of the CD. With this CD type, you don't have to request for a higher interest rate when one becomes available.