What is COVID Temporary Credit?

COVID-19 Temporary Credit has been given to customers that may have a negative balance when depositing an Economic Impact Payment (stimulus check). To ensure that you have full access to the stimulus payment, we applied a temporary credit to your account(s). You'll see this listed in your transaction history as "COVID Temporary Credit." 

You will get a notification advising you of the following information: 

  • The date of the original credit
  • Amount of the original credit
  • The date at which the outstanding credit amount will be withdrawn from your account. (You will have the option to pay this prior to the given withdrawal date.)

Additional information:

  • If withdrawal causes you to have insufficient funds at the time your outstanding credit is paid back, you'll be charged an overdraft fee.  U.S. Bank will immediately refund that fee.
  • The funds will need to be repaid within 60 days from the original credit date. You can make partial or full payments within the 60 days.