How is my available balance determined on my account?

Sometimes, we need to question the available balance that can be used for purchases and withdrawals. Knowing how how we've calculated it is important, so here's a breakdown:

  • Account balance - funds held from deposits - pending card authorizations - any other funds held = available balance

For example, Your account balance is $1000 at the beginning of your day. You've deposited a $150 check that's on hold, and made $25 in purchases. Based on this information, we would calculate your available balance as follows: $1000 - $150 deposit hold - $25 purchases = $825 available balance to use. 

Additional items not reflected in your available balance include, but aren't limited to:

  • Checks written that haven't been cashed
  • Authorized automatic withdrawals, like your monthly gym membership or car payment
  • Future payments scheduled through bill pay
  • Debit/credit card authorizations no longer appearing as Pending Transactions due to merchant delay