What is overdraft coverage?

Standard Overdraft Coverage
Most consumer checking and money market accounts automatically come with standard overdraft coverage. The exception is Safe Debit accounts, which aren’t eligible for overdraft coverage. Under Standard Overdraft Coverage we will authorize and pay overdrafts for these types of transactions at our discretion:

  • Checks and other transactions using your checking account number.
  • Automatic bill payments
  • Recurring debit card transactions (e.g., monthly phone bill or membership fees)

ATM & Debit Card Overdraft Coverage
In addition to standard overdraft coverage, you can choose to cover your ATM/debit card transactions. If you say "yes", the following transactions may be paid and an Overdraft Paid Fee may be charged. If you say “no”, the following transactions will be declined.

  • ATM withdrawals
  • Everyday debit card transactions

To change your election, call 24-Hour Banking at 800-USBANKS (872-2657), log into U.S. Bank online banking, log into the U.S. Bank mobile app or visit your local branch.

Additional Information

  • An Overdraft Paid Fee of $36.00 is charged when we pay an item on your behalf that is $5.01 or more and the negative Available Balance is $50.01 or more.
  • An Overdraft Paid Fee will not be charged for items paid that are $5.00 or less or if the Available Balance at the end of the business day is negative by $50.00 or less.
  • We will charge up to a daily maximum of four (4) Overdraft Paid Fees of $36.00 per account, no matter how many items we pay on your behalf.