How do I troubleshoot my web page or the mobile app?

If the page doesn't load right or there's another issue that isn't apparent, see if your browser supports 128-bit encryption. This will ensure you receive the best digital experience. You can also try the suggested actions below to see if that resolves the problem. 

Online banking

  • Log out, then log back in.
  • Type into the address bar (don't select a favorite) and log in from there.
  • Clear the cache and cookies.
  • Close, then reopen the browser.

U.S. Bank Mobile App

  • Log out, then log back in.
  • Clear the cache and cookies.
  • Close the app, then reopen it.
  • Check your device to see if the app has a pending update.
  • Uninstall, then reinstall it from your app store or text GET APP to 872265 to receive a download link.

If you tried these actions and they didn't solve the problem, call us at the appropriate number below. We accept relay calls.

  • Online banking support: 800-987-7237
  • Mobile banking support: 866-578-8007

Additional information

  • Clearing temporary internet files won't update the username and password if it's saved by the browser, especially if you use multiple devices (personal computer, laptop, etc.).
  • When you use a browser or password manager to save your login credentials, and the "Remember me" function is turned on, the browser overrides it. The "Remember me" function saves your username, but not your password.
  • If you've recently changed your password, the browser or password manager may not update. This is because where you log in isn't the same URL as where you change your credentials.