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Improving Your Credit Score

Managing and improving your credit score is important. When you have good credit, it becomes easier to purchase the things that you want. Good credit makes it easier to get a mortgage, a car loan, student loan, a lower interest rate and even a cell phone. We can help you understand how to improve your credit score.

How To Increase Your Credit Score Using Credit Cards

Credit cards are a convenient way to make everyday purchases and are useful in helping you improve your credit score. A credit card must be carefully managed in order to improve your credit score, rather than lower it.

The first step is applying for a card. View our how to get a credit card guide in order to get comfortable with the process. We offer a range of great credit card options. We even offer secured credit cards to rebuild credit to help rebuild or establish credit.1 Secured cards require a deposit that is used to open an interest bearing U.S. Bank Secured Savings Account.

Learn more about credit score factors

Your credit score is a composite of several factors:

  • Past credit history including payment history.
  • Current outstanding debt.
  • Length of credit history.
  • Types of credit you currently hold.
  • New credit you are pursuing.

Learn more about credit score factors.

Online Account Access

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