Meet U.S. Bank Expense Wizard®

Infrequent travelers, such as job candidates and contractors, often must pay for their own expenses, keep track of numerous receipts, complete cumbersome expense reports and wait for reimbursement. Expense Wizard makes travel expense management easier with a mobile wallet, intuitive virtual assistant and automatic expense reporting.

How it works

Expense Wizard easily integrates with your accounting platform to make cost-compliant travel simple for everyone.

Step 1:

Create a traveler profile and set the spending limit within company policy.

Step 2:

Push the virtual account to the traveler's mobile wallet through the Expense Wizard app.

Step 3:

Pay for travel expenses with Expense Wizard.

Step 4:

Review and approve the automatically generated expense report after the trip.

Your business travel digital assistant

See how our mobile app and virtual assistant make it easy to arrange travel within company policies, pay with a virtual card in a mobile wallet, and capture and file receipts for expense reports.

Features and benefits

No corporate card needed

Perfect for infrequent travelers, including interviewees and contractors, Expense Wizard eliminates the need to use personal credit cards on business trips and wait for reimbursement.

Increased visibility

Expense Wizard gives increased visibility and control while reducing opportunities for fraud and abuse. Set dollar limits on virtual accounts and see how much is being spent on a trip in real time.

Instant reporting

Eliminate surprises for the accounting team by getting automatic expense reporting that adheres to corporate spend policies.


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