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Financial Genius

Financial Genius unites all aspects of financial capability and is powered by US. It is not a curriculum but rather a single-voice foundation for all of our financial education programs and curriculum from youth to adult, to small business and first-time homebuyer.

U.S. Bank offers a wide range of financial education initiatives to children, adults and small businesses, and each year we strive to expand our participation and reach. In 2012, more than 3,400 banking seminars were attended by more than 85,000 people. Topics included youth and adult consumer education, small business education, home buying and investing.

Teaching children about money and finances is a huge step in ensuring financially responsible and aware adults. To that end, U.S. Bank has fostered ongoing relationships with Junior Achievement (JA) and is an active participant in the American Bankers Association Education Foundation’s National Teach Children to Save Day. We have embarked on some new and innovative financial education programs with colleges and universities, as well as programs that take a high-tech approach to financial education.

U.S. Bank Credit Wellness Center

U.S. Bank offers a resource on that helps consumers take control of their credit score, so that it can be an asset at important moments throughout their lives. Visitors to the U.S. Bank Credit Wellness Center will find:

  • answers to common questions about credit.
  • tools to help them make good decisions about their own credit.
  • tips on how to protect their credit rating for a lifetime.
U.S. Bank Credit Wellness Center

The interactive site offers credit education activities to consumers, including an online quiz to test their knowledge, videos about people in different financial situations and a simulator to illustrate how financial decisions can impact a credit score.

Let US help Educate You About Money Management

U.S. Bank is proud to support our active and retired military personnel with a variety of programs. The more than 2,300 U.S. bankers who are serving and have served our country are at the heart of the many programs in which U.S. Bank participates to support members of the armed forces and their families. We understand that life in the U.S. military means a life of mobility. Learning to manage money successfully is essential for everyone and the special circumstances of military life can make obtaining financial education challenging. At U.S. Bank our goal is to always provide you with the very best products and outstanding customer service and we know that help managing your funds can be especially helpful. With that in mind, we’re pleased to offer a variety of programs to assist members of the military and their families.

Simply access our FREE Military Money Management courses any time day or night. They are easy to navigate, interactive and you'll soon be on your way to improved financial knowledge. There are a variety of courses which offer information about savings, mortgages, avoiding overdrafts, financing higher education and more.

Military Financial Education

U.S. Bank of Bearville

Partnering with Build-A-Bear Workshop® through their virtual world of™ to reach the K-6 audience, U.S. Bank of Bearville encourages young citizens of Bearville™ to save and budget through interactive games and online activities. With similar features to our real life branches like ATMs, a vault, a welcome desk and teller counter, Bearville citizens can make virtual deposits and earn interest. Citizens of Bearville can also work as tellers at the bank to learn how to accurately count back change.

In 2012, visitors to the U.S. Bank of Bearville opened 3.1 million Certificates of Deposit resulting in an investment of $4.8 billion Bear Bills®. We have also expanded our partnership to include a new, interactive game designed to help young children identify coins and their value. The game also integrates true or false questions about basic financial concepts to broaden children’s financial literacy.

U.S. Bank Bearville



Connect from U.S. Bank provides business owners with the tools and resources they need to help start, run and grow their businesses. Connect strives to demystify the whole range of financial issues business owners face, and offers real, practical solutions that entrepreneurs at any stage can use.

Running a business can be a challenge for owners no matter what stage their business is in. From time to time, they need fresh ideas, answers to unexpected challenges or a place to connect with other business owners. Connect is available with clear information, useful ideas, helpful advice, and a community of business owners for support and inspiration at

Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement (JA) programs help young people prepare for the real world. They learn how to manage finances, how jobs create strong communities and experience entrepreneurial thinking through JA’s robust financial education programs, including BizTown and Finance Park. U.S. Bank proudly supports BizTown centers in San Diego and Milwaukee and JA Finance Park in Los Angeles.


In addition to program support, U.S. Bank provides grant funding and employees volunteer their time to local Junior Achievement (JA) initiatives.

Teach Children to Save

U.S. Bancorp employees have a long tradition of helping children learn about money management. One of the most widely supported initiatives is the American Bankers Association Education Foundation (ABAEF) “National Teach Children to Save Day.” This special day in April mobilizes thousands of banker volunteers across the nation to visit local schools and make financial education presentations to k-12 students. In 2012, more than 1,733 presentations were delivered by U.S. Bancorp employee volunteers to more than 56,900 students.

To engage students ages 13-18, U.S. Bank sponsored and participated in the ABAEF’s Lights, Camera, Save! video contest, a unique competition that encourages tech-savvy youth to communicate the value of saving through the power of video. The goal is for teens to take action of their financial futures and live this message: “Start young. Save more.” An entry entitled, “One Ice Cream Cone, Please” earned 1st place in the U.S. Bank contest and 3rd place in the ABAEF national contest because of its creative “tale of two brothers” storyline which demonstrates how actions speak louder than words when it comes to saving money. Check out this incredible video on the Featured Playlists of U.S. Bank’s YouTube site.

Teach Children to Save

U.S. Bank Financial Genius and EverFi

U.S. Bank partners with EverFi, a company committed to helping young adults navigate today’s financial world by providing an interactive media platform to teach students core concepts of financial literacy. The partnership establishes the U.S. Bank Financial Genius program in high schools in San Diego, Joplin, the Twin Cities and the San Francisco Bay area.

U.S. Bank Financial Genius guides students ages 17 to 22 through self-paced, web-based tours covering topics from financing a higher education and understanding the New York Stock Exchange to the pitfalls of bad credit and consumer fraud. Students receive a certificate of completion when they pass all six modules and teachers can check on their students’ progress throughout the duration of the program. U.S. Bank also helps teachers access additional resources and training tools aimed at motivating students to make positive financial decisions.

U.S. Bank Economic Empowerment Program at California State University, Fullerton

The creation of the U.S. Bank Economic Empowerment Program, operated through California State University Fullerton’s Center for Economic Education, focuses on financial education training for middle and high school teachers as well as the creation of a Youth IDA program for low- and moderate-income students in the Fullerton area. The five-year goal for participants in the Youth IDA is to save money towards a post-secondary education.

The Youth IDA program serves 93 students and their families. Close to 80% of the parents have household incomes less that the county’s median household income and 68% have not set aside money for college. Participants are to deposit a minimum of $10 each month for five years. Upon successful completion of the program, funds will be matched 2 to 1 up to $1,200. Financial education workshops are also provided in conjunction with the Youth IDA to build the skills necessary for future financial independence.

After one year in the program, families have deposited a total of $11,435 with an additional $22,868 matched by U.S. Bank.  In the summer of 2012, 80 students attended Financial Literacy Camp.  The pre- and post-tests demonstrated a 26% increase in personal finance knowledge and understanding. 


In addition to providing students with valuable life lessons on economic education and savings, the program will allow for a longitudinal study of the impact of Youth Individual Development Accounts as researchers from the Center for Economic Education follow these students over the five year period.  The following will be measured as part of the impact study:


  • Educational Impact – The role the IDA and educational program plays in college attendance.
  • Cognitive Impact – Youth will have a working knowledge of personal finance, money management and the economy.
  • Attitudinal Impact – Youth will begin to develop healthy attitudes about money.
  • Behavioral Impact – Youth will save money, establish lifelong savings habits, be less likely to abuse or misuse credit, be less likely to engage in risky behaviors, will participate productively in their households, neighborhoods, and communities.
U.S. Bank Economic Empowerment Program

The U.S. Bank Center for Economic Education at Dominican University

The mission of Dominican University’s highly successful Center for Economic Education has been to improve and expand the level of economic education provided to students from kindergarten through high school, in order to enable them to become effective participants in the economy. With a multimillion-dollar contribution, U.S. Bank and Dominican University look to further expand the scope of its mission to address adult financial literacy in the Chicagoland area.

The newly renamed U.S. Bank Center for Economic Education will focus on three main programs. The first is a formalized financial education training workshop for local elementary, middle and high school teachers. Led by economics professors at Dominican University, the goal will be to equip teachers with the skills they need to teach financial literacy and economics to their students. The second and third programs involve the creation of innovative youth and adult financial education materials and new methods for delivering financial education, including the development of practical tools for parents in an effort to provide age-appropriate financial literacy to their children.

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