Environmental Initiatives

U.S. Bank frequently rolls out new programs and initiatives to continue making a positive impact on the environment. To date, we've invested more than $15.5 billion in environmentally beneficial business opportunities, such as LEED certified buildings, environmentally friendly manufacturing and services, brownfield development, green auto loans and renewable energy.

Supporting Renewable Energy Investments

The U.S. Bancorp Community Development Corporation (CDC) is committed to renewable energy investments. In 2016 alone, we committed over $1.5 billion in renewable energy projects throughout the U.S. Through these investments, we helped power more than 300,000 homes and employ over 22,000 people. The carbon off-set of these investments is equal to taking 445,000 cars off the road or planting about two million acres of forest.

Building to LEED Standards

We are continuing to build new branch locations to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified standards. To date, we have 21 LEED certified branches with plans to build more locations in the future.

Creating Community Solar Gardens

U.S. Bank is a leader in developing Community Solar Garden (CSG) programs in four states and has been recognized for our leadership nationwide. CSG can lead to easier access and adoption of solar, which creates job opportunity and spurs economic development in these subject markets.

Our tax equity investments helped finance 300,000 homes powered by renewable energy investments in Minnesota, Massachusetts and New York. This includes a 20 MW, community solar project in Massachusetts that is the largest community solar project in the nation. This project alone will support approximately 1,500 jobs during construction and 40 permanent jobs. Our investment in community solar will offset approximately 1.8 MM metric tons of CO2. And best of all, it will provide access to solar for those who do not have an appropriate roof, do not own their own home or business, residents in multi-unit buildings and low-income housing residents.


Earthwatch Teach Earth program
Our support of environmental responsibility extends into the classroom. As a sponsor of the Earthwatch Teach Earth program, U.S. Bank funded two teachers to participate in an expedition to Costa Rica to study the effects of climate change and other environmental impacts on sea turtles.

“The locals talked about how they had, as children, seen many Leatherback Sea Turtles on the beach but that, nowadays, their grandchildren could not experience the same,” said Gabriela Anaya, teacher at the Racine Unified School District in Racine, WI. “This really impacted me in terms of the way that we live and choices that we make and how they will impact other living things.”

“Since I returned from my Earthwatch expedition, I’ve already found many ways to incorporate what I learned and experienced into my classroom,” said Kayla Zaworski, middle school special education teacher at Mountain View Middle School in Beaverton, OR. “We’ve now done self-guided projects on different sea animals and ways we can protect them, as well as other sea life.”

The EarthWatch program is improving science and environmental education by providing passionate teachers with the support and resources they need to launch new endeavors, achieve new successes and rise to new levels of leadership in their classrooms and communities.

We are a proud partner of the sustainability nonprofit organization, Ceres.  As new members of the Ceres Company Network, U.S. Bank joins more than 50 companies, including dozens of Fortune 500 firms, committed to achieving sustainability goals and improving resiliency in their operations and supply chains. Through this network, we gain unique access to investors and other stakeholders interested in engaging on opportunities embedded in the low-carbon economy transition.

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