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Checking Account Advance

Important Changes to Checking Account Advance

On May 31, 2014, Checking Account Advance will be discontinued. Existing customers may continue to take advances through May 30, 2014, based on current eligibility requirements.

Customers who have an outstanding balance on May 31, 2014, will receive extended repayment terms. These new terms include:

  • The maximum payment amount automatically deducted from the associated checking account will be decreased to 25% of each eligible direct deposit, allowing for smaller payments over time.
  • Any balance that has not been paid in full by automatic or manual payments will be automatically withdrawn from the associated checking account on August 29, 2014.

For details of the upcoming changes to Checking Account Advance, refer to the Agreement and the Frequently Asked Questions. Customer communications regarding the changes begin with the March checking account statement.

These changes apply to existing U.S. Bank customers. New U.S. Bank customers who open a personal checking account on or after January 31, 2014, and have no prior relationship with U.S. Bank will not be eligible for Checking Account Advance.

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Get Cash Fast When You Need It the Most!

If you're a checking account customer with an unexpected expense, you can immediately advance funds from your next Direct Deposit1 into your U.S. Bank Checking account. For complete information about our Checking Account Advance service, review the Guide, the Agreement and the Frequently Asked Questions prior to the use of the service.

Enjoy these great features of Checking Account Advance:

  • You must be an eligible2 U.S. Bank Checking account customer.
  • No application or approval process necessary if you are an eligible2 checking account customer.
  • Advance funds are deposited directly into your checking account and available for your immediate use.3
  • Advance limit is up to $500. Please refer to the Agreement for details. Minimum advance amount is $20. The fee charged is $2.00 for every $20.00 borrowed.
  • Outstanding advances are automatically paid with your next Direct Deposit of $100 or more.
  • Advances must be paid in full within 35 days of each advance.

Checking Account Advance is designed for unexpected short-term credit needs and is an expensive form of credit. If you decide to borrow, borrow only as much as you can afford to repay from your next deposit.

View less expensive credit alternatives or contact us.

If eligible, you can access your funds seven days a week, 24 hours a day:


  1. "Direct Deposit" means an electronic deposit of funds into your Associated Checking Account, including, reoccurring electronic deposits (such as payroll deposits, Social Security deposits, interest income, etc.) and one-time electronic fund transfers into your Associated Checking Account (such as tax refunds, funds transfers from another bank, etc.), excluding ATM deposits. Learn more about direct deposit.

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  2. You are eligible if you have been a customer with a deposit account for at least 6 months, have eligible monthly direct deposits of $100 or more and your checking account is in good standing.

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  3. If your checking account is overdrawn, your minimum advance amount must bring your account to a $0 balance.

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