We provide Insurance Commissioners with a custom-built reporting system, TICWEB, that supplies you with the previous business day account balance and transaction information you need. This Web-based application was specifically designed by U.S. Bank to service statutory deposit account custody platforms.

With TICWEB, you'll have 24/7 access to account balances, asset lists, account characteristics (including address, phone/fax numbers, email address and contact names) and activity for each individual institution required to have a statutory deposit. TICWEB provides you with access to a number of reports, including:

  • Holdings (15-month retention)
  • Holdings Tax Detail
  • Transactions
  • Supervisory ID/Trial Balance
  • Securities Control
  • Accounts Below Minimum
  • CD Listing
  • Reconciliation

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities

  • Multiple file formats available (Excel, CSV, TXT, TAB, PDF, RTF)
  • Scheduling feature delivers monthly files to your TICWEB Inbox on the first business day of each month

Secure Inbox Feature

  • 180-day retention
  • File management

Miscellaneous Features

  • Email notification for Scheduled Reports

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