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ScoreBoard is a robust business tool that allows you – the Small Business Owner or Authorized Officer – to easily monitor your company's credit card or charge card spending over various time periods. It also lets you compare your payments (credit card or charge card transactions) to industry trends.

Created exclusively by U.S. Bank, this unique tool presents data in a graphically-pleasing and easy-to-read format, identifying unusual spending patterns to help you to make smart decisions about your business expenses. Use it to:

  • Review your company's credit card or charge card spending annually, quarterly, monthly or year-to date basis.
  • View credit card or charge card spending by: Total Spending, Average Ticket, Merchant and more.
  • Input, track and trend your sales and all business expense types (debit, credit, charge, check, cash, etc.)
  • Compare your credit card or charge card metrics to trends, either by industry or against Visa geographic data.
You'll still get your monthly credit card or charge card statements from U.S. Bank, but now you can also get  free electronic reports to itemize your company's credit card or charge card purchases by calendar month (with up to 36 months of data available). Customize the reports to meet your specific business needs, and choose your preferred report format; including:

  • Adobe PDF
  • Excel
  • HTML
  • CSV

Choose from four different report types:

1. Merchant Summary – Presents spending at specific merchants, as determined by total dollar amount spent. You can view by individual cardholder or on a total company basis.

2. Merchant Detail – View purchase and credit transactions, including date, merchant location, reference number and amount.

3. Industry Summary – Recap spending by calendar month for each individual business card or on a total company basis. Purchase amounts are organized into specific merchant categories, so you can see exactly where your business is spending money.

4. Industry Detail – See details of purchase activity by count and amount by market segment and industry.

How do I access ScoreBoard?
ScoreBoard is accessible via a link on the Account Summary page of your U.S. Bank Online Banking account.

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Does your company accept credit card or charge card payments? 1
If so, ScoreBoard can provide you with trends related to your credit card or charge card receipts. Compare your credit card or charge card receipts to industry or Visa® geographic trends.

  • Trend credit card or charge card receipts by volume, number of transactions, average ticket and more.
  • View data on a monthly, quarterly, annual or year-to-date basis.

The Value of U.S. Bank Electronic Payment Processing
U.S. Bank is simply a one stop solution; U.S. Bank Payment Solutions provides you the ability to compare your processing volume with the volume of others in your industry. Visit Merchant Connect to compare your Merchant Account key metrics. If you do not have a U.S. Bank Merchant Account, click to learn more or call 877-225-7796.

  1. A U.S. Bank Merchant Services account is required in order to see payment trends specific to your own company. Without a U.S. Bank Merchant Services account, competitive trends (by industry and geographic location) will still be available.
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