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U.S. Bank SinglePoint® Essentials: Your Online Cash Management Solution

Online Cash Management is now simplified and streamlined with U.S. Bank SinglePoint Essentials. SinglePoint Essentials is the one-stop cash management site for small businesses and small local government entities. It allows access to account information, transferring money between your accounts, stopping payments as well as sending and receiving payments -- all with the convenience of multiple user control. And now you can access several on-the-go functions from your Web-enabled mobile device.

Take a guided tour of SinglePoint Essentials now (to view this content, please enable JavaScript and download Adobe Flash Player).

SinglePoint Essentials Guided Tour

With SinglePoint Essentials, you can:

  • Review and adjust account balance positioning as your cash flow dictates.
  • Monitor user access and track history.
  • Control user access to accounts and service functionality.
  • Stay informed of events and activities that are important to you.
  • Prepare and use debit or credit ACH templates for moving funds.
  • Move money using both repetitive and non-repetitive domestic and international wire transfers.
  • Download account detail transactions into QuickBooks®, Quicken® and Excel®.
  • Receive alerts and messages in SinglePoint. An optional service is also available to receive messages at your external mobile device.

SinglePoint Essentials provides:

  • Access to your accounts anytime, anywhere via the Web using a standard browser and Internet connection.
  • Secure and confidential access to your account information.
  • An integrated blend of cash management tools that support enhanced efficiency through flexibility, control, speed and ease of use.

New Access to Services On the Go.1

Mobile SinglePoint lets you stay aware of your account activity and take action from your mobile device, anytime, anywhere. View balances, arrange transfers, manage credit card accounts, approve payments including wire transfers, view check images, make decisions about Positive Pay exceptions, reset passwords and more.

Get to the Point. SinglePoint Essentials.

The best way to appreciate SinglePoint Essentials is to see it for yourself. Contact us to see an online detail demo (you'll need an access code). To learn more, please:
  1. You will need Internet access on your mobile device and may be charged access fees by your carrier, depending on your mobile plan. Check with your carrier for details on specific fees and charges.
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U.S. Bank SinglePoint is a registered trademark of U.S. Bancorp. Deposit Products offered by U.S. Bank N.A.
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