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Federal Student Loan Consolidation
Loan Consolidator Worksheet
Enter your existing balances and current interest rates of the loans you wish to consolidate in this worksheet. Enter whole dollar amounts (no cents) without commas. For example, do not use commas in values of $1000 or more.

Loan Balance Interest Rate
1 %   
2 %   
3 %   
4 %   
5 %   
6 %   
7 %   
8 %   
9 %   
10 %   
11 %   
12 %   
13 %   
14 %   
15 %   
16 %   
Please note: Federal Consolidation Loan interest rates currently can't exceed 8.25 percent.
Repayment Schedule for Your Consolidated Loans

Months of Loan

Simple Interest Rate

Total Amount of Loan
% $

Printing Your Schedule: After your repayment schedules appears below, use the "Create Printable Copy" button at the bottom. Alternatively, you can Mark (Control-A or Apple-A) the text, Copy (Control-C or Apple-C) and Paste it (Control-V or Apple-V) into a new word processing document and then print this document..
These results are only estimates. The terms of your existing loans and the consolidation loan will determine the exact figures.

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