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Verification of Deposit

U.S. Bank processes the Verification of Deposit (VOD) you need within three business days.

VOD Requestor Information Contact Number Fee
Mortgage/Title Company, Mortgage Reverifications, Quality Control Items & Audits $251
Housing Assistance, Government Agencies & Specific Date Inquiries 866-468-0830 Free
Medical or Public Assistance Agencies & Specific Date Inquiries 866-468-0830 Free
Business Credit Inquiries $15 1
Date of Death requests for DDA 314-418-2266 Free 1
Visa Immigration Letters 314-418-3530 Free 1
  • Business Credit Inquiries - visit our vendor website at to receive an alternate fax number and billing information.
  • Consumer Inquiries (ex. Mortgage/Title Company, Mortgage Reverifications, etc.) - visit our vendor website at to receive alternate billing information.
Verification Information Provided
  • Account Type
  • Account Status
  • Account Holders
  • Current Account Balance2
  • Account Open Date
  • Current Interest Rate3
  • Two Months Average Balance4
  • Balance at Close3
Submittal Guidelines
  • The account owner's full Social Security Number.
  • A signed and dated authorization from the account owner.
  • Complete, all numeric, account numbers. Masked account numbers with XXXs or letters will not be processed.
  • A return fax number or mailing address.

Contact Us
U.S. Bank Customer Service - 800-872-2657
Business inquiries - 800-633-6045

  1. For each Verification of Deposit we process.
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  2. As of the date the request is processed.
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  3. If applicable.
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  4. Broken into the two most recent statement cycles.
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