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U.S. Bank® Student Goal Savings

Whether you're saving for a semester abroad, spring break in Mexico or a new palm pilot, with a U.S. Bank Student Goal Savings Account, saving money has never been easier. Automatic withdrawals from your U.S. Bank Checking Account to your Savings Account make it simple for you to reach any financial goal.

Goal Savings Features

Minimum Opening Balance $0
Monthly Service Fee None
Account Requirement $25 minimum automatic monthly transfer from a U.S. Bank checking account required.
Interest View Today's Interest Rates
Check writing No
U.S. Bank ATM Transactions Free1
Access through a U.S. Bank® Check or ATM Card2 Yes
U.S. Bank® Internet Banking3 Yes
Statement Monthly; automatically linked to checking account
Other Interest compounded daily, paid monthly
Must have a U.S. Bank Checking Account to qualify
Student Goal Savings Account can be named to reflect your savings goals

For more information, please refer to the Your Deposit Account Terms and Conditions, visit a U.S. Bank branch, or call U.S. Bank 24 hour Banking and Financial Sales.

U.S. Bank® Student Goal Savings Account Terms & Conditions

  1. A bank representative will provide the monthly interest rate and annual percentage yield.
  • Interest compounded daily and paid monthly.
  • Monthly statements automatically linked to U.S. BankŪ Uni-Statement.
  • Unless otherwise noted, depositors are insured by the FDIC to its maximum coverage.
  • Accounts are subject to the fees listed in our Consumer Pricing Information brochure.
  • Fees could reduce earnings on account.
  • Pre-authorized withdrawals (transfers by telephone, wire or PC, overdraft protection, automatic payments or checks) are limited to a combined total of six per account cycle as prescribed by federal regulations governing savings accounts. Federal regulations allow three of these six transactions per account cycle to be check withdrawals. There is a fee for each pre-authorized withdrawal in excess of these limits, and if withdrawal limitations are exceeded three times in a 12-month period, the account will be closed or converted to a checking account.
  • Collected balance is your account balance less any of your deposited checks that we have not received credit for through the collection process.
  1. Customer must have a U.S. Bank Checking account to qualify for U.S. Bank Student Goal Savings.
  1. U.S. Bank® Check Card1 requires a U.S. Bank Checking account.

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  1. Certain restrictions and conditions apply. Refer to your Visa card "Guide to Benefits" for details.

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  2. Subject to claim verification. Visa'sŪZero Liability policy does not apply to transactions not processed by Visa'sŪ.

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