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Return Your Vehicle and Terminate Your Lease Early

Select one of the following topics for details on the Early Termination process:

Early Termination of Your Lease May Be Expensive
Early Termination Liability Details
Your Right to an Appraisal to Determine the Realized Value of the Vehicle

Early Termination of Your Lease May Be Expensive

  • You may have to pay a substantial charge if you end your Lease early. The charge may be up to several thousand dollars. The actual charge will depend on when the Lease is terminated. The earlier you end the Lease, the greater this charge is likely to be.
  • For example, if a 39-month lease on a 2010 Cadillac CTS is terminated early, after 21 lease payments have been made, the early termination liability would be calculated as follows (refer to your lease agreement to determine which fees apply for your lease):
    Early Termination Liability

    Description of Charge
    Amount of Charge
    Termination Fee $395.00
    + Early Termination Administrative Charge (1.5 base rent payments of $541.97, as over 50% of the months in the lease have expired; see Early Termination Liability Details below for calculation of this charge) $812.96
    + All Unpaid Amounts Due or Past Due $0.00
    + Official Fees, Taxes, and Other Charges Related to Early Termination $0.00
    + All Expenses Related to Recovering, Obtaining, Storing, Preparing for Sale and Selling The Vehicle $500.00
    + Lease Balance (defined below) $9,504.77
    + Residual Value (defined below) $18,543.00
    - Realized Value (defined below) $23,800.00
    = Early Termination Liability $5,955.73

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Early Termination Liability Details
If you choose to terminate your lease prior to the end of the Lease Term, you will be responsible for charges disclosed in the Early Termination section listed within your Lease Agreement. Generally, the Early Termination section contains information listed in the following links (please note that the links listed below are for reference purposes only, and the specific terms and charges can be found within in your Lease Agreement):

Lessee's Right to Terminate Early
Lessor's Right to Terminate Early
Early Termination Liability
Lease Balance
Realized Value
Termination Pursuant to Servicemembers Civil Relief Act
Residual Value

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Your Right to an Appraisal to Determine the Realized Value of the Vehicle
You have two choices in determining the Realized Value of the Vehicle.

  • First, you have a right to obtain an appraisal provided that:
    1. the appraiser is a certified and reputable appraiser (in your area);
    2. the appraiser is an independent and objective appraiser (not friends, family members);
    3. the appraiser is engaged at your sole cost; and
    4. the appraiser is mutually acceptable to you and us. If you elect to obtain an independent appraiser that is mutually acceptable to you and us, then you will bear the cost of that appraisal.
  • Second, you can have U.S. Bank determine the Realized Value. U.S. Bank determines the Realized Value in accordance with accepted practices in the automobile industry for determining the wholesale value of used Vehicles by obtaining a wholesale cash bid for the purchase of the Vehicle or by disposing of the Vehicle in an otherwise commercially reasonable manner.

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