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Buying a Home
Buying a Home

Home ownership is more than a dream for many Americans — it's a reality. In some parts of the country, more than 70% of adults are homeowners.*

Whether you're shopping for your first home or trading up, here are a few suggestions for a successful home-buying experience.

Home-Buying Tips
Buying the home that's right for you is one of life's big decisions. Before you actually purchase your house, it's important that you:

  • Know your limits. Analyze your current budget, your ability to afford a mortgage and your future financial goals. Make sure that your housing expenses still allow you to save for retirement and other long- or short-term objectives.
  • Get pre-approved. In many housing markets, good homes sell fast. Home sellers are more likely to accept offers from you if you are pre-approved for a mortgage (a written commitment from a lender for a specific loan amount).
  • Prepare a wish list. Your list might include considerations such as: two or more bedrooms, quality schools, nearby parks or shopping, large yard, quiet street, attached garage, etc.
  • Fix up your current home. If you like your neighborhood, sometimes it makes sense to stay put and build your home equity. In addition to increasing your personal net worth and giving you the means to trade-up, you can borrow from your greater equity using a home equity loan or line of credit. Your home's equity can help finance a college education, a new car, a dream vacation or even a new business.

To learn how U.S. Bank can help you realize your dream, contact us today.

What's Your Dream Home?
Let our valuable planning tools can help you begin the home buying process.

Calculate the amount I'll need to save to reach my goals
Estimate how much can I afford to pay for a home
Calculate the amount can I borrow to purchase a home
Calculate my mortgage payment
Determine the amount of equity I have

* U.S. Census Bureau

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