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Online Shopping Security
Online Shopping Security

Shopping on the Internet has quickly become a major part of the U.S. economy. People have grown to rely on the Internet for everything from CDs to airline tickets. Although online shopping is safe in reality, many people still wonder about the security of their credit and debit card information.

Be Discriminating When Providing Personal Information
Never give out your personal or account information to anyone you do not trust. And make sure to verify a business's legitimacy by visiting its website or calling a phone number obtained from a trusted source.

Keep Your Passwords Secret
Some online stores may require you to register with them via a user name and password before buying. Online passwords should be kept secret from outside parties the same way you protect your ATM PIN (Personal Identification Number).

Look For Signs of Security
Identify security clues such as a lock image at the bottom of your browser or a URL that begins with https://. These signs indicate that only you and the merchant can view your payment information.

Never Send Payment Information via Email
Information that travels over the Internet (such as email) is not fully protected from being read by outside parties. Most reputable merchant sites use encryption technologies that will protect your private data from being accessed by others as you conduct an Online transaction.

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