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It doesn't matter if it's across town or across the country; moving can be an arduous, daunting process if you're not prepared. And even if you think you are prepared, chances are there will be challenges that come up along the way.

People move for lots of different reasons. Whatever your particular reason, let U.S. Bank help you plan a strategy for successfully getting from Point A to Point B with handy tips, tools and advice for a more productive move and for getting settled in your new surroundings.

First Things First
Start with a well-orchestrated plan. Several weeks – or even a month or two – before you make your move, create a detailed "to do" list for yourself that outlines specific tasks and when each needs to be completed.

A smooth transition starts with satisfying your basic needs:

  • Make sure all your utilities are set up to start service the day before you arrive. Unpacking by candlelight is no one's idea of a romantic evening.
  • Notifying all the right companies of your change of address can be tedious and confusing. Use our comprehensive checklist to ensure you make all necessary address changes.
  • The Post Office now provides a convenient online service that will change your address, notify magazines of the change and even connect your utilities.
  • If relocating to a new city, get copies of your medical records for the whole family (that includes pets). They will come in handy for your new doctor and could be helpful in case of an emergency.
  • If your company is not paying to relocate you, or if you haven't found a job by the time you move, you may be able to write off moving expenses. The IRS offers a few guidelines on recouping some of your expenses.
  • Using movers might be the easiest way to transport items and get your friends and family off the hook, but hiring your own truck can save a great deal of money.

Location, Location, Location
When it comes to banking in this day and age, accessibility and convenience are probably the most essential features a financial institution can possess. And having a bank that's accessible during and after a move makes life a lot easier. U.S. Bank is both accessible and convenient with banking locations and in 24 states throughout the United States.

We move for different reasons. Whether it's for a job, for school or just a new experience, U.S. Bank makes sure you have the resources you need to ensure a successful, stress-free move.

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