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U.S. Bank Lending Assistance Program
U.S. Bank Lending Assistance Program

Whether you are in the process of establishing your credit, have a limited credit history or are trying to rebuild your credit, U.S. Bank is here to help. We may also be able to help if your income is limited or if your new business is not yet able to quality for credit.

Through the U.S. Bank Lending Assistance Program, we can provide you with financing you need. Whether you want to buy a home, purchase a car or start a business, we can help meet your immediate financing needs, as well as provide you with the tools and information necessary to address your long-term objectives.

Products and services offered through U.S. Bank Lending Assistance Program provide numerous benefits, including:

  • Meeting immediate financing needs
  • Credit establishment or repair, home-buying and
    business-start-up education
  • Financial management education

For Assistance with: Product Solutions
Credit and Income Challenges
Home Financing Challenges
Time in Business Challenges

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For additional assistance with finding the financing solution that best suits your individual needs, visit your nearby U.S. Bank branch today.

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