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U.S. Bank knows that an essential part of providing industry-leading custody services is giving our clients online access to state-of-the-art products. That's why we offer a number of Web-based tools to make life easier for you. We invest substantial amounts of money every year to improve these systems so they meet your ever-changing needs. Our online tools include:

  • Pivot – With easy online access to relevant account data, Pivot creates efficiency and gives you confidence in data used to make strategic and operational decisions to enhance your success.
  • TrustNow – An easy-to-use online account inquiry tool allowing you to access, view and download detailed investment and activity information on your U.S. Bank account.
  • TrustNow Essentials – A convenient reporting tool allowing you to access your U.S. Bank account information online, 24/7. You can view, schedule or download account reports and statements at any time.
  • Performance Monitor – Our performance reporting system, Performance Monitor, provides you with the ability to help you analyze your investment returns and your progress towards your investments objectives. You'll receive timely, customized analysis and electronic reporting to help you interpret your investment returns.
  • Cash Solutions Portal – Maximize the value of your cash portfolio by consolidating your money fund investing, online trading and researching funds via our single, secure Web site. Cash Solutions Portal provides you with immediate access to your fund investment and portfolio transactions.
  • Cash Solutions Analytics – For clients who need a more sophisticated level of performance reporting, we offer Cash Solutions Analytics. Supported by leading-edge technology, it provides you with daily performance, risk, accounting and compliance monitoring of your portfolio holdings.
  • Corporate Actions – Receive, review and submit responses to corporate actions online. Our Web-based corporate actions system increases client control and efficiency, saves time, reduces the element of human error and provides you with an audit trail.
  • Benefit Payments – Use the U.S. Bank Benefit Payment System to ease your management of benefit plan payments. Features include online access and a variety of plan management reports.
  • Securities Lending – Access your securities lending account detail through our secure Web site. Downloads include daily reports that show activity from the previous day and a variety of monthly statements.
  • TICWEB – A custom-built reporting system specifically designed for Trust Insurance Commissioners, TICWEB provides statutory account platforms with the reports needed to track and monitor statutory deposit activity.

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