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Cash Solutions Portal

With industry standards moving toward increased transparency and easy client access to fund investments and portfolio transactions, our Cash Solutions Portal gives you a single, secure website to access institutional money market funds. It allows you to optimize the value of your cash portfolio by providing access to more than 70 money market funds from 13 fund families, and you can:

  • Consolidate Your Money Fund Investing – Combine your accounts into one statement to help ease management of all your money funds through a secure website.
  • Trade Online – Buy and sell money funds quickly and efficiently by:
    • Purchasing, redeeming and exchanging shares
    • Receiving same-day liquidity and expedited wire redemptions
    • Settling trades with a single wire
  • Research Funds – Research tools help you find the money market funds that meet your organization's investment objective. These tools include:
    • Access to comprehensive fund data
    • The ability to sort, track and compare fund performance
    • The ability to view comprehensive yield data
    • The option to filter funds against your investment policy criteria and download quarterly reports, fact sheets and prospectuses
  • Manage and monitor your holdings – Manage your entire money fund portfolio in one place. Quickly access account balances, earnings, history, account activity and more.

Benefit Your Organization
By consolidating your cash holdings with a single custodian, you gain efficiencies in reporting and transaction processing. You may be able to:

  • Reduce trading and administrative costs
  • Minimize time and errors associated with manual cash management activities
  • Meet Sarbanes Oxley and other compliance requirements more efficiently
  • Enhance the accuracy of your information
  • Allow your financial professionals to focus on more strategic initiatives
  • Improve oversight

Cash Solutions Portal is easy to use. There is no technology to buy, install or support. The site uses current security technology to protect your accounts.

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