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Cash Solutions Analytics

We understand you may have complex needs in managing your portfolio. To meet these needs, we offer Cash Solutions Analytics, an easy-to-use online system that helps you monitor your portfolio holdings.

Cash Solutions Analytics is supported by leading-edge technology. Its flexibility allows you to view accounts individually or group them in any manner you prefer. Plus, it's customizable to your accounting philosophy. It can even be uploaded directly into your accounting system. Best of all, it's a secure, online tool available anytime – 24/7. Off cycle reporting is available, and the system communicates with most accounting software. Cash Solutions Analytics can help you maximize your efficiency in four important areas.

  • Accounting – Prepare detailed balance sheets, income statements and statements of cash flows; track impairments; and set the accounting parameters to your internal standards.
  • Compliance – View the compliance status of your portfolio as compared to your investment guidelines. Customize policy rules based on your risk and accounting parameters, and then apply the rules to individual accounts or account groups.
  • Performance – Track daily performance and comparative index returns, including total income and price returns.
  • Risk Reporting – Generate reports on credit quality, duration and sector allocations; to monitor issuer concentration by parent company; and view underlying data on holdings.

Meet Your Organization's Diverse Information Needs
Cash Solutions Analytics helps you support areas of your organization that requires investment-related information, such as treasury, senior management, tax, audit, accounting and regulatory reporting. The organization benefits from:

  • A single, comprehensive view of your investment-related information
  • Timely and accurate financial close information
  • Daily, independent compliance monitoring

Whether you have one manager or many associated with your portfolio, a complete set of investment reports is available for each of them individually or in aggregate. And since it's Web-based, there's no technology to buy, install or support.

Give your organization a better way to manage risk and improve returns and report efficiently with Cash Solutions Analytics.

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