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In the finance industry, it’s easy to call yourself a thought leader. What’s more difficult is to earn that reputation from clients and peers who, day after day, continue to place their confidence in your expertise.

True thought leadership involves thinking innovatively and continually presenting new ideas for improved processes and services. During our 150 years of building our strong reputation, thought leadership has become integral to our identity. It’s evident in the decisions we make and through the 4,400 custody clients who value our knowledge, experience and guidance.

Our thought leadership shows itself through our ethics, our people and our technology:

  • Ethics: The solid ethical reputation of U.S. Bank is a critical asset. Every employee takes a personal responsibility to protect, preserve and enhance it.
  • People: Our people provide deep insight and diverse perspectives to keep us at the head of intelligent innovation.
  • Technology: We hold it among our highest priorities to provide you with access to data that is comprehensive, transparent, accurate and efficient.

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