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Securities Lending

Our securities lending strategies can help you optimize the investment returns on securities in your portfolio by lending to selected borrowers. In-house experts employ proven, time-tested processes, strengthened by advanced technology. We provide you with a chance to increase earnings without interrupting trading activities or income cash flows. We oversee the securities lending process, which includes:

  • Rigorous screening, selection, and ongoing review of borrowers
  • Monitoring availability of securities
  • Negotiating rebates
  • Daily marking to market of loans
  • Monitoring and maintaining collateral levels
  • Processing securities movements
  • Reinvesting cash collateral as directed by client

Enjoy the benefits of our internally-run securities lending program:

  • Utilization Rates – We have historically placed a higher percentage of domestic securities on loan when compared to the industry, particularly for U.S. Treasury securities and equities.
  • Diligent Credit Management – We maintain a due diligence process with respect to approved borrowers.
  • Collateral Management – We typically require cash collateral from each borrower of securities equal to 102% of the market value of each security on loan, plus any accrued interest on debt securities.

To meet the needs of of our clients, we have a variety of securities lending programs, including standard, municipalities, mutual fund and customized.

Learn more about how Institutional Trust & Custody can meet your needs:

Securities Lending
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U.S. Bank has designated U.S. Bancorp Asset Management, Inc. a SEC registered investment adviser and wholly-owned subsidiary of U.S. Bank, to administer the securities lending program.

U.S. Bank is not responsible for and does not guarantee the products, services, or performance of its affiliates and third parties.


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