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Securities Lending

Our securities lending strategies can help you optimize the investment returns on securities in your portfolio by lending to selected borrowers. Our in-house experts employ proven, time-tested processes, strengthened by advanced technology. We provide you with a chance to increase earnings without interrupting trading activities or income cash flows. We oversee the securities lending process, which includes:

  • Selecting borrowers with ongoing borrower review
  • Monitoring availability of securities
  • Negotiating rebates
  • Receiving and monitoring cash collateral levels
  • Processing securities movements

Enjoy the benefits of our internally-run securities lending program:

  • High Utilization Rates – We placed 31% of admitted assets out on loan in 2008, as compared to an industry average of 17% during the same period. Higher utilization rates mean assets will be on loan more often.
  • Diligent Credit Management – We maintain a due diligence process with respect to approved borrowers.
  • Collateral Management – We typically require cash collateral from each borrower of securities equal to 102% of the market value of each security on loan, plus any accrued interest on debt.

To meet the needs of of our clients, we have a variety of securities lending programs, including standard, municipalities, mutual fund and customized.

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Securities Lending
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