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Products & Services

Products & Services

With more than a century of providing trust and custody services, you'll receive state-of-the-art institutional products and services with customized solutions and the one-on-one attention you deserve.

We provide trust, custody, investment management, securities lending and benefit payment services to help you meet your corporation, foundation, government entity, advisor/broker or financial institution's exact requirements while seamlessly integrating your reporting needs.

And, we back it all up with offices across the country. Your local, dedicated client service team will always be close by.

We're proud to help your organization with the following products and services:

  • Institutional Custody – With more than 100 years of custody service experience and a wide array of custody products and services, we'll help you save time, make quicker, more informed decisions and protect your assets.
  • Trustee Services – We provide professional trustee and oversight services, directly or through agents we oversee.
  • Investment Management – Our relationship and portfolio managers work hand-in-hand to develop your goals and priorities into a strategy that reflects specific investment objectives, providing broad-based investment solutions to meet your needs.
  • Securities Lending – Our internally-run securities lending program can help your organization generate incremental revenue by lending the securities in your portfolio to carefully-selected institutional borrowers, without interrupting trading activities or cash and interest proceeds.
  • Cash Solutions – Direct your assets among a variety of short-term instruments, including institutional money market funds, CDs, commercial paper, Euros, Treasuries and short-term bond funds.
  • Global Custody – We deliver high-quality global services and access to a sub-custodian network spanning more than 100 worldwide markets.
  • GASB 45 – Let us help your organization meet the requirements of GASB 45. Our bundled approach can include trust services, sample trust language, a cost-effective funding source and investment management.

Learn more about how Institutional Trust & Custody can meet your needs:

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