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Investing your excess cash reserves is easy with Cash Solutions, our custodial platform that offers simplified, consolidated cash management through a broad choice of investments. Cash Solutions can help you find the right balance between yield, liquidity and credit quality by way of a variety of money market funds and other short term instruments.

Cash Solutions gives you the flexibility to invest your cash, while combining your investments on one powerful accounting platform. Our dedicated trade servicing team helps make investing your cash reserves simpler and more convenient.

Optimize the value of your cash reserves through our two Cash Solutions products:

  • Cash Solutions Portal – Designed to help you research, trade and monitor holdings of a variety of mutual fund families online. You'll have access to more than 70 money market funds.
  • Cash Solutions Analytics – Provides you with a single, consolidated view of account investment activity through a secure Web site. Get a comprehensive view of investment-related information in a format with flexibility appealing to many corporate constituencies, including:
    • Treasury
    • Senior Management
    • Tax
    • Audit
    • Accounting
    • Regulatory Reporting

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