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Benefit Payments

We have decades of experience and expertise providing benefits payments to plan participants. Our services have been designed to help you meet the complex regulatory requirements and the evolving needs of plan participants and to provide the controls, functionality and value that plan sponsors require. Features of our approach include:

  • Online access, comprehensive reporting, custom check messages, quarterly participant status and tax reporting
  • Timely and accurate distributions, electronic payments and a toll-free call center
  • Quarterly reports showing uncashed checks and Social Security Administration death audits to help you meet your responsibilities and reduce expenses

Our online system delivers the following features to ease benefit payment management:

  • Lump sum and recurring distribution requests
  • Plan information inquiry and update capability
  • The ability to view, print or download reports online
  • 24/7 Internet access to disbursement and tax information
  • Online inquiry access for clients/retirees with varying levels of access

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Benefit Payments

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