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Institutional Trust & Custody devotes many resources to ensure our professionals have the knowledge to help achieve your goals. That's why we send our sales professionals and relationship managers to a number of the top conferences in the trust and custody industry.

These conferences provide us an opportunity to network, share ideas and inform attendees of Institutional Trust & Custody's leading solutions and technology, resources that can assist you in reaching your objectives. We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming conferences.

2011 Conferences

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Date Conference Location
April 19-21 AccuTech Executive Conference Bonita Springs, FL
May 17-19 HWA - International Inc. Memphis, TN
May 21-22 NCPERS Annual COnference and Exhibition Miami Beach, FL
June 5-8 IASA Annual Conference Nashville, TN
July 9-12 NACUBO Annual Meeting Tampa, FL
Sept 11-14 Sungard iWorks Summit New Orleans, LA
Oct. 30 - Nov.14 EACUBO Annual Meeting Hershey, PA
Oct. 30 - Nov.14 IFEBP - International Foundation of Employee Benefits New Orleans, PA
Nov 6 - 9 AFP - Association of Financial Professionls Annual Meeting Boston, MA


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