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Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs)

A Separately Managed Account (SMA) is a portfolio of individual securities owned directly by an investor and managed according to the investment advice of a professional money manager. SMAs offer the benefits of professional money management without being part of a pooled investment.

Our SMA program relies upon model investment portfolios provided by a select group of carefully screened outside investment managers and our proprietary partner, U.S. Bancorp Asset Management, Inc. Our portfolio managers will recommend managers whose styles meet your particular investment goals, objectives and asset allocation needs.

As an SMA participant, you may enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to outside money managers – not all managers are created equal, so we provide you with access to a long list of money managers so you can fit your investment needs.
  • A dedicated portfolio manager overseeing each SMA as well as other portfolio investments, provides ongoing asset allocation advice and conducts a periodic review of investments and long-term financial objectives.
  • Assets under custody are held at U.S. Bank for safekeeping and easy trading.
  • Multiple SMA accounts, which use the investment advice of multiple managers, reported on one statement for added convenience and simplicity.

Our SMA Money Managers
One of the priorities of our SMA program is to offer our clients access to money managers who represent a variety of asset classes and investment style niches and who have a track record of delivering style consistent performance over time.

Why U.S. Bank?
Your financial success depends not only on business performance but also on your ability to manage assets. Consulting the asset management experts available through U.S. Bank can help you optimize your investment results. We provide you with access to top-tier management experts, powerful financial tools and the information you need to prepare and implement a successful portfolio.

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