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We've been providing custodial services to institutional clients for more than 100 years. We draw upon the resources of one of the nation's leading financial institutions to develop solutions customized to fit your specific needs. Our services include:

  • Asset Safekeeping – Our custody system functions in real-time, reconciles daily and is teamed with direct memberships, contractual settlement and same-day settlement trades. Services for securities are provided through the Depository Trust Company, the Federal Reserve book-entry system and other depositories and custodians.
  • Trade Settlement – Trades are settled on a delivery versus payment method directly with brokers or through the Depository Trust Company and the Federal Reserve book-entry systems. We offer settlement policies designed to help you enhance the predictability of your funds and investment returns.
  • Income Collection – We collect interest and dividends for securities held, and it most cases, post them on the payable date and generally make them available for your investment the same day.
  • Corporate Actions – Our system features notification and processing of voluntary actions, mandatory actions and other corporate actions, coupled with an online system for notification and your response management.
  • Proxy Administration – Our system collects and processes proxies for you electronically.
  • Cash Management – This process provides a daily sweep of all available cash in your accounts to the investment fund of your choice among an array of investment funds.
  • Securities Lending – Our internally-managed program features competitive percentages of securities on loan and provides an additional earning source for your assets.
  • TrustNow Essentials – Our online reporting tool gives you secure, 24/7 access to our online system with user-friendly, real-time, customizable reporting and electronic statement delivery. Statements list all transactions and assets on a settlement date or trade date/full accrual basis.
  • Asset Pricing – Pricing is provided by leading vendors with dual systems for ensuring your assets are priced accurately.
  • Performance Monitor – Our comprehensive system helps you analyze your investments and investment managers, using time-weighted returns, comparisons to over 350 indices, results for single or aggregate accounts and includes asset sectors and universe comparisons.
  • Global Custody and Safekeeping – Delivery of high-quality global services, including omnibus or segregated accounts, with comprehensive and timely tracking of tax reclaims.

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