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RIA Custody

At U.S. Bank, we have a dedicated team that focuses solely on serving the needs of investment advisors. We’ve spent years building our platform with you in mind, and we continuously update it based on client feedback. Working one-on-one with you to serve your unique needs, we offer the following benefits:

  • Unique service model
    • Instant access to a dedicated team that will feel like an extension of your staff
    • Streamlined workflows for efficiency and timeliness
    • Relentless quality control to ensure everything is done right the first time
    • Customized processes that will save your staff time
    • Most industry interfaces already built and we’re always adding more
    • 24/7 online account access
    • Direct delivery and receipt of data files via FTP
    • Ability to set your own account numbers
    • Trading efficiency – rethinking the way you trade could save you and your clients thousands of dollars each year
  • Robust add-on services from one of the largest financial institutions in the world, including:
    • A credit facility that allows clients to use their custody assets as collateral
    • Private banking services provided through a dedicated banking team
    • U.S. Bank serving as trustee for personal and corporate accounts
    • Mutual fund servicing capability
  • Unmatched asset safety
    • Assets are held in nominee name and never comingled with bank assets
    • U.S. Bank does not make a market in any security and doesn’t earn revenue from order flow
    • Your client’s assets in custody are never put on loan or used for any purpose by the bank
  • Custody for all of your assets, including:
    • Any domestic, depository eligible security
    • International securities in more than 100 global markets
    • Mutual funds and hedge funds
    • Physical securities
    • Private equity
    • Most alternative assets (please contact us if you’re unsure about an asset)

We’re always interested to learn more about you and your team and discuss any of the topics above in greater detail. For more information, click here to contact a business development officer in your area.

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