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Insurance Companies

We can help you achieve greater efficiencies and optimize the value to your portfolio with strategic solutions designed specifically for insurance companies.

Administration Support for the Insurance Industry
We've built interfaces with more than 100 different systems – Sungard: both EPS & iWorks, CAMRA, CAMRA D, PAM and others – that are servicing many of our clients. Our approach helps minimize your involvement and maximize accuracy. We also provide these services specifically for the insurance industry:

  • State deposit tracking and reporting
  • Expertise in asset-backed securities
  • NAIC and GAAP compliant processing
  • NAIC compliant money market funds
  • Risk and compliance monitoring
  • ADP proxy services
  • Xcitek corporate actions notification and processing
  • SWIFT messaging
  • Worldwide securities settlement

And you can achieve great efficiencies with:

  • Online tools and reports
  • Real-time, 24/7 access to account information
  • Reports and download capabilities
  • Online statements with multiple formats
  • On-demand reporting
  • Report scheduling with email notification
  • 16 months of reporting history
  • Secure and encrypted information

Our experienced team provides a proactive approach to account management that includes attending industry events and conferences as well as actively participating in industry associations like the Insurance Accounting Systems Association (IASA).

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