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Welcome to the United States Postal Service (USPS) Communications and Training portal!

U.S. Bank is proud to be a proven leader, innovator and partner with the federal government.  As one of the world's largest and most experienced providers of payment solutions, U.S. Bank is committed to federal government card programs worldwide.

The U.S. Bank Government Services team supports the USPS with unparalleled service and products and looks forward to partnering with USPS during the GSA SmartPay® 2 program.

Select the links below to access valuable tools and information to help you effectively manage your programs.

GSA SmartPay® Conference Presentations
U.S. Bank Purchase Card
U.S. Bank Fleet Card (runs on Voyager® Network)

U.S. Bank Purchase Card

Cardholder Statement of Questioned Item
Point of Contact Maintenance

U.S. Bank Access® Online
Access Online
Access Online Instructions for APCs
Access Online Web-based Training
Include Cardholder and Managing Accounts in an Account List Report
TBR 400 Account Cycle Report

U.S. Bank Fleet Card

Highway Contract Route (HCR) Carriers
U.S. Bank Fleet Commander® Online for HCR Dispute Form
Fleet Commander® Online Enrollment Form
HCR Carrier Guide 
New Vehicle Request Form
Product Code Dispute Form
Recommended Best Practices
Reconciliation Process 

Postal-Owned Vehicles (POV)
U.S. Bank Fleet Commander® Online for POV (

Account Maintenance Request Form
Additional PIN Request 
Card Limit Change Request Form
Dispute Form
Key Chain Order Form
New Site Form
New Vehicle Request Form
PIN Limit Change Form
Product Code Dispute Form
Site Change Form
Vehicle Transfer Request Form

Videos: For POV Site Manager
* To view the below videos, your computer must have Windows Media Player installed or another media player capable of playing WMV files.

Review the lessons in the order listed:
1. Complete Self-Registration:
(Watch How To video - WMV)  (Quick Start Guide)

2. Add an EIN field to a report:
(Watch How To video - WMV)  (Quick Start Guide)

3. Create a PIN for a New Driver:
(Watch How To video - WMV)  (Quick Start Guide)

4. Modify a Driver:
(Watch How To video - WMV)  (Quick Start Guide)

5. Terminate a Driver:
(Watch How To video - WMV)  (Quick Start Guide)

6. Run a Driver Inventory Report:
(Watch How To video - WMV)  (Quick Start Guide)

7. Run a Driver Certification Report:
(Watch How To video - WMV)  (Quick Start Guide)

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